Patriot Power Greens


Old age is not the favorite of a majority of people. The reason for that is not far to seek. Old age robs you of health in ways that are hard to describe in just words. Every part of body, every system, starts to complain, and in some cases fails you. However, there are supplements that can help to improve the body even in old age. One such supplement is Patriot Power Greens. It is made of spirulina, organic seaweeds, spinach, broccoli, parsley, cabbage, carrot, apple, and a host of other nutritious foods that make it one of the most powerful dietary supplements you would ever encounter.

Each box comes with 30 servings, with each serving of about 5 grams. With one serving, you will consume some of the most nutritious foods without the disadvantage of roughage, sugar and other stuff that comes with raw foods. With each serving you will actually feel the compound increase your digestive capacity, reduce inflammation, decrease the pain you feel in your joints and back, and add power to your muscles. Overall, we find that it will increase your stamina too, and improve your general well being and mood.

We know the above benefits of Patriot Power Greens because it has been tested on United States military personnel, including on veterans from the United States Coast Guard. It was found that by taking this supplement they reduced inflammation in their body. If you know how inflammation works, you would recognize that it affects the whole of body, and not just the joints and back. It was found that this supplement reduces the inflammation faced by the body by a huge amount.

Another superfood that is contained in this supplement is the Chicory Root. The benefits of Chicory could fill a book, and it would be an interesting and insightful book. However, in short, Chicory is an antioxidant that is a great liver and blood purifier. It has soluble fiber that improves digestion, and overall it only increases you digestive system.

Overall, we find that PPG is full of organic herbs and foods that improve your health by improving your blood circulation, digestive system, by reducing inflammation, adding antioxidants, and by giving you more power, among other benefits. It is one of the most powerful dietary supplements in the market today, and even with just 5 grams per serving, it packs a powerful punch. A punch that will help you fight the so many enemies of your health in old age.



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